1. set free, loose, set loose, let loose, turn loose, unpen, unmew, disimprison; acquit, exculpate, clear, exonerate, vindicate; dismiss, discharge, let go, let off, Inf. let off the hook; exempt, dispense with, relieve of, except from, exclude from, let out of, leave [s.o] out, keep [s.o.] out; free, liberate, enfranchise, affranchise, franchise, manumit, emancipate; deliver, rescue, ransom, redeem, Theoi. save.
2. disenthrall, unbind, untie, unbridle, unyoke, unfetter, unshackle, unchain, unhandcuff, unmuzzle, Ar-chaic. untruss; unhand, ungrip, let go of; extricate, disengage, disunite, disjoin, disconnect, unpin, dissociate; separate, part, divide, sunder, sever, disintegrate, dissolve, break apart or up; loosen, detach, unfix, undo, unfasten, unhook; deregulate, decontrol.
3. announce, advertise, declare, make a statement, proclaim, promulgate, disclose, leak; publish, print, put in the newspaper, broadcast, televise, air; send out, mail out, pass out, hand out, issue, circulate, disseminate, distribute; reveal, unveil, show, display, exhibit; give final approval, give the go-ahead, let fly, let go with.
4. freedom, freeing, loosing, setting loose, letting loose, turning loose, releasing; acquittal, acquittance, acquitting, compurgation, exculpation, exculpating, clearance, clearing, exoneration, exonerating, vindication, vindicating; dismissal, dismissing, discharge, discharging, letting go, letting off, Inf. letting off the hook; exemption, exempting, immunity, impunity, indemnity, exclusion, exception; liberation, liberty, liberating, enfranchisement; deliverance, delivery, delivering, rescue, rescuing, ransom, ransoming, redemption, redeeming, Both Theoi. salvation, saving.
5. disenthrallment, disenthralling, unfettering, unbinding, untying, unbridling, unyoking, unshackling, unchaining; extrication, extricating, disengagement, disengaging, disuniting, disjoining, disconnection, disconnecting, unpinning, dissociation, dissociating; separation, separating, parting, division, dividing, sundering, severance, severing; loosening, detachment, detaching, undoing, unfastening; deregulation, decontrolling.
6. announcement, declaration, proclamation, statement, promulgation, disclosure, disclosing, leak, leaking; publication, 'publishing, printing, broadcasting, airing; issue, issuance, circulation, dissemination, distribution; revealing, unveiling, showing, display, displaying, exhibition, exhibiting; permission, the rights to, final approval, the go-ahead.
7. control, button, Electricity. switch, Machinery. regulator.

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